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Hello and Welcome to TLC Classical Academy Prep Elementary School!

My name is Teryliz Silva Aguirre M.Ed. Owner and Founder of TLC Classical Academy Prep, a Classical Education Elementary School. 

I have been a licensed educator for over 38 years. I have a Master’s Degree in Education and I’m currently working on my Doctorate. 

Teaching children has always been my passion and my life long dream was to open a school which aspires to provide the highest level education in a way that all children would fall in love with learning; using an exciting, hands on, and fun environment ultimately gifting them with the gift of confidence and belief in self. 

My teaching style is unique. I am patient, nurturing and enjoy motivating my students. An instrumental part of my approach is for my students and I to be in constant engagement and interaction with me, as I am teaching. 

I believe in providing a nurturing, loving, yet challenging classical curriculum. Where with guidance, inspiration, and patience I guarantee all students will succeed.



Experience Level

Over 38 Years of Teaching Experience

Grade Levels

Currently Teaching Pre-K4



Above Grade Level Learning

Communication Channel


We will be using the Class Dojo App to communicate daily.Through this app I will always be available. 


Give us a call:


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