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We promise to lead with patience and be role models for all our students at TLC Classical Academy Prep.


Our Mission Statement

Our sole purpose is to educate the whole child so that he/she develops mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially with security and confidence. 


That every child is instilled with a thirst and hunger for learning that they will always cherish and pursue.


Every child will be given the opportunity to learn at their own pace and in their own individual way so they may shine and recognize their own inherent talents. 

We will instill morals and values and teach our children kindness and courage, so in time they will be able to stand for what is right, just, and lead with their example.

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Teachers and Instructors

Teryliz Silva Aguirre M.Ed.

Owner & Founder - Teacher

My name is Teryliz Silva Aguirre M.Ed. Owner and Founder of TLC Classical Academy Prep, a Classical Education Elementary School. I have been a licensed educator for over 38 years. I have a Master’s Degree and  Doctorate in Education. Teaching children has always been my passion and my life long dream was to open a school that aspires to provide the highest level of education in a way that all children would fall in love with learning; using an exciting, hands-on, and fun environment ultimately gifting them with the gift of confidence and belief in self. My teaching style is unique. I am patient, nurturing and enjoy motivating my students. An instrumental part of my approach is for my students and me to be in constant engagement and interaction with me, as I am teaching. I believe in providing a nurturing, loving, yet challenging classical curriculum. Wherewith guidance, inspiration, and patience I guarantee all students will succeed.

Extra Curricular Activities 



Classical Piano





We kindly appreciate all support and donations to our Siempre Norte foundation.

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